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Bijapur – A Place Full of Architectural Monuments

If you are still in doubt where to spend your vacations in this winter, then Bijapur is one of the best tourist places where you can visit and explore the architectural monuments. I will definitely recommend the tourists to visit the amazing town this season.

BijapurBijapur is an incredible place full of architectural monuments. The most popular ones out of the long list of Bijapur’s monuments are Golgumbaz and Ibrahim Rouza. But one thing is for sure clicking in your mind that how to get to the nice city?

There is numerous railway stations and bus routes that can help you out to reach the place that are connected with Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. You can also hire a cab service to reach the place easily. Once you reach the place, you need to find a place to relax i.e. the best hotel of your budget. Bijapur offers numerous options. Find a place which is near to the monuments from where you have enjoyed the amazing sight-seeing of the monuments or in the center of the city from where you can explore the complete town.

Accommodation & Food in the Town Bijapur

Qaswa Hills is one of the popular restaurants in the Hotel pearl which is situated near the Golgumbaz monument and very nearer to the railway station as well. You can plan to stay in the hotel and it offers amazing food of different cuisines right from Indian traditional food to continental, Chinese, Mughlai and many more.

Tourist Places in Bijapur

Ibrahim Rouza – It is the most magnificent place of Bijapur. It is exactly the place where you can feel the reality which is much better than you have seen in the photos. The monument Ibrahim Rouza comprises of two buildings i.e. a mosque and a tomb. The building of the tomb is amazingly designed and carved with the Arabic ligature, wooden shutters and doors with arches. Everything is very eye-catching and attractive that you will definitely stand for a while to take some of the pictures of the beautiful tomb. Although the mosque is very beautiful but it is comparatively less when compared to that of the tomb.

Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz BijapurAnother must visit place in Bijapur is Gol Gumbaz. First of all, the incredible monument will impress you with its size as it is really so big. It has world’s second largest dome. The monument also has some exciting secrets inside. Once you climb to the topmost staircase you will find yourself near the dome. There are several entrances as well to reach the dome. The major secret of the ancient monument Gol Gumbaz is its amazing echo sound which came back many times whenever you make a sound.

Jama Masjid

jama masjid bijapur

Jama Masjid in Bijapur is also an amazing and very beautiful place to visit. If you have visited the Jama Masjid of Delhi and Agra, you must visit the Jama Masjid of Bijapur as well.

Book a taxi for you and plan your vacation from Faridabad to Bijapur – Really an incredible place to visit in central India!


Ajanta or Ellora Caves – Which One Is Better

Are you are planning to visit Aurangabad to explore the Ajanta and Ellora Caves? Do you have just one daytime to explore the amazing caves and you have to choose one out of the two? Well, my subjective opinion for you regarding this will be the Ellora Caves.

Ajanta or Ellora Caves

  • The major advantage of the Ellora Caves is that it is very close to Aurangabad city in comparison to that of Ajanta Caves.
  • To visit the Ajanta caves you have to spend a long time in traveling via road i.e. a time period of 7 hours by your taxi and if you will get stuck in a traffic jam then it will prove to be a pathetic decision for you.
  • Moreover, an Ellora cave comprises of three types of caves and you can completely be able to know that how actually the Buddhist caves look like. There is no doubt you won’t be getting any magnificent painting in Ellora caves as it is in Ajanta Caves but Ellora caves are more impressive than the Ajanta caves.

So, why not to explore the Ellora caves first to gain a fabulous experience?

Ellora caves

Ellora caves are the must-visit temples that are also mentioned on the World’s Heritage List. The caves are located at a distance of 30 km from Aurangabad city. The Ellora caves comprise of a big and very impressive complex. The most interesting cave is a cave of Kailash Temple i.e. cave number 16 which is in the middle of the complex. It is really very fantastic to see and imagine that how people in 8th century created the masterpieces from the solid rock just with the help of chisel and hammer.

Why are you waiting now? Just pick up your phone to book your taxi from Faridabad to explore the amazing and most fascinating caves in Aurangabad.

Little Known Tips for Taj Mahal Visit

A trip to India is quite incomplete without visiting its most popular landmark! The Taj Mahal isn’t well known for India, it’s great all around the world, with a vast number of guests constantly. Here is all my top, little-known advice for Taj Mahal visit, so you may make the most of your tour.

If you desire to plan a Taj Mahal holiday, you will have to stand yourself out of Agra. I extremely recommend do not taking the bus. You can catch a train or your own car, much more simply, Hire Car for Faridabad to Agra. Taj Mahal is a World Wonder impeccably set on the Yamuna River and gorgeously mystic, yet the same can’t be said in regards to Agra.

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