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Our Memorable Trip to Jaisalmer

We were planning to visit Rajasthan for a long time. We have heard about the state a lot that it has numerous exciting and terrifying sight-seeing. But as per my opinion, there are three different types of people who visited the state – who are dying to visit the place, who don’t like to visit and who visit in a very organized manner by planning their trip.
Trip to Jaisalmer

We decided to travel via booking a Faridabad cab service which gives us the feeling of safety and independence. We have been to numerous places by Rajasthan is completely different to explore. Finally, we decided to visit the amazing place. We hired a taxi service online and left the home. The very first place that we decided to visit was Jaisalmer.

Trip to Jaisalmer

From the cool weather of Delhi, we pleased to fall in the warmth of Jaisalmer. The weather was very amazing. Jaisalmer is also popularly known as the Golden City which is located in the heart of the popular Indian Desert – The Thar Desert. The city got its nickname Golden City because of the golden color building which is made up of the sandstone. The major attraction of the mystic Jaisalmer is a Golden Fort. We booked our hotel in the center of the city from where we enjoyed the amazing sight-seeing of the Golden Fort from the terrace of the hotel.

car hire faridabad to Jaisalmer

On the next day, we decided to move to the main bazaar of the city which is popular for beautiful leather bags, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. The leather bags that are available in Jaisalmer are made of camel leather. After that, we enjoyed the amazing street food, Rajasthani food and traditional Rajasthani recipes and sweets like gulab jamun and jalebis.

Our Next Visit – Udaipur

After visiting the amazing place Jaisalmer, we decided to land another amazing place of Rajasthan i.e. Udaipur. It was very easy for us to decide and reach our desired places as we have our own taxi services and it helped us a lot to explore all streets in Udaipur and to know about each and every corner of the city.

Udaipur Tour Packages

Udaipur has many restaurants, hotels to take rest. It was a very relaxing day. After that, we enjoyed the breathtaking view of Udaipur lakes and marvelous architecture. After enjoying the amazing stay and views of Udaipur we decided to come back to our place. It was really an amazing journey.

If you are planning a vacation with your friend or family, Rajasthan is the best place to explore the ancient buildings, forts, architecture, food and many more. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book a taxi to plan an amazing vacation to Udaipur and Jaisalmer via Faridabad Cab with your friends and family and make your vacations memorable.

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